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Text Link

A text link on a section page (excluding the front page)  is 40.00 per year

You can pay online for this service here and your link will be live within 24 hours

Graphic/logo/banner links

Get your web site noticed and listed for only 60.00 per year. Choose any section on our site to place your business logo and link. Linked to your own website. (Front page is not included)

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Home page 20.00 per month Logo/graphic listing

Your or Logo on our home page 20.00 per month

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If you do not have a website or webpage we can create webpage for you for just 30.00 this includes one years free hosting too. Nothing else to pay.

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Total Site sponsorship is available with your companies name on the top of every page of our site. This is a very powerful form of advertising for your company for maximum exposure and brand awareness.

Costs start from 400.00 per year. For a bold text link at the top of every page of our site. This is often more powerful than banner advertising.

Prices increase for a graphic link on every page depending on the size and position.



Site Sponsorship

Why would it be beneficial to sponsor Horse directory

Horse Directory is one of the oldest standing equestrian websites on the internet. Horse Directory is also listed in all the major search engines and directories and we are linked to thousands of equestrian related sites. We currently appear first in under a search for either "tack" or "tack and clothing" and we also appear third when a search for "horse" is taken out. Your logo and link will be visible to thousands of potential equestrian customers worldwide. We have established a popular equestrian community on the web and our audience is constantly growing every month. Visitors come to Horse Directory to find the equestrian related business or service that they are looking for as well as using are interactive services. We also receive submissions from equestrian related web sites to include their business in our directory.

To many business pages become lost in the search engines. By sponsoring or advertising with the Horse Directory your business is noticed on the internet as we are already ranked highly and listed all over the web and receive thousands of equestrian related viewers not just general surfers on the web, as search engines do.

You can also target your advertising to your business by sponsoring individual pages related to your business.

All forms of sponsorship are updateable unlike a static advert in a magazine, you can always update your listing with your latest offers and promotions etc


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