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British Equestrian Tourism Examinations

British Equestrian Tourism

Assistant ,Ride Leader and Holiday Riding Centre Manager Qualifications

These  examinations offer a new qualification for employees who escort riders on hacks or treks, whether on a part time,full time or occasional basis. With  international recognition they should improve chances of employment worldwide,as well as in the UK,and are very relevant to today's Riding Schools,which are becoming more aware of their commitment to the safety of both rider ,horse and employee, and the need to look after their clients in a more professional,competent and friendly way. They are jointly promoted by the British Horse Society,the Trekking and Riding Society of Scotland,the Wales Trekking and Riding Association and the Association of Irish Riding Establishments as British Equestrian Tourism (BET) and are internationally recognised by the Federation Internationale Touriste Equestre (FITE).

Working alongside existing BHS qualifications these exams are more in tune with the hacking/trekking side of the riding school . British Equestrian Tourism is about looking after visitors and tourists who ride horses on holidays,short breaks or just hack out at weekends, riders and non-riders alike.Our qualifications are designed to help ensure that ride escorts have the knowledge and ability to provide for the safety of riders and horses on hacks, that  they can look after horses in  their care, staff in  their charge, the stable yard, business and   clients, to a high and internationally recognised standard and, that  they have a certificate to show it. For the first time in the South of England,Burley Villa School of Riding,Hampshire is holding a refresher course and examination for the Assistant and the Ride Leader  Qualifications during the week commencing February 19th 2001.To find out more about this course and exam or more general info on the qualifications visit or call Phil Cremer direct on 01425.610278.

For general info,qualification information packs,BET Handbook (10),BET centres in Ireland, Wales,the North,Scotland and around the world and examination dates email Chris Doran at or call Chris on 01926.707794.

Dates for BET exams and Refresher Course during 2001 :

Burley Villa,Hampshire :- February  23rd and November 23rd. Call 01425.610278  or

Lakeland Equestrian,Lake Windermere :- April 5th and November 11th. Call 01539.443811 or

Rhiwiau Riding,North Wales :- 22nd March and 27th October. Call 01248.680094 or

Calliaghstown Riding, Ireland :- 29th March and 15th November. Call 00353.13589236

Sthratham Stables, Perthshire :- 26th April and 1st November. Call 01764.655555

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