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Feeding Horses

Horses in their natural state would spend most of their day grazing and taking gentle exercise taking in small amounts of food at regular intervals. This is how nature designed their digestive system to opperate. As a horses stomach is very small for its size and not designed to cope with large feeds. It is for this reason we should try to immitate nature as far as possible.

Horses thrive on routine.

Simple Rules of feeding

Feed little and often.

Feed plenty of roughage. Without roughage the digestive process is impossible.

Make fresh water available at all times.

Keep to the same feeding hours each day.

Feed good quality and clean forage only.

Feed according to the work done.

Do not make any suddden changes in the type of food or routine of feeding. All changes should be done on a gradual basis.

Do not work a horse straight after a meal or when the stomach is full of grass. Allow a good 1 hours after feeding before exercise.

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