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Health Care Essentials

Temperature: The normal temperature for a horse is 37-38C or 99-100.5F

Pulse: The normal pulse rate for a resting horse is 36 to 42 beats per minute. Young stock and ponies tend to be a bit faster.

Respiration: The normal respiration for a resting horse is 8 to 15 breaths per minute.

Keep up to date with vaccinations.

Follow a suitable worming program.

Have your horses teeth checked regularly.

Feed regularly and according to work.

Have a farrier attend regularly to your horses feet.

Get to know your horse and what is normal for him on a day to day basis.

1. The horse is bright and alert with ears pricked and taking interest in his surroundings.

2. The coat is smooth and shiny and lying flat over the body

3. Eyes and nose our free of any discharge.

4. Limbs are free of any heat and swellings.

5. Stands squarely on all four feet.

6. Eating up well and chewing properly.

7. Dung should resemble damp balls that break up when hitting the ground and will vary in colour slightly depending on diet.

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