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How well do you know horses

Where would you find an ergot?
a) Behind the knee.
b) Behind the fetlock.
c) In the mouth
d) In the eye.


3) Where would you find the ventral serratus muscle?
a) Back
b) Hind legs
c) Neck
d) Quarters


5) What is peridontitis?
a) Disease of the lungs
b) Disease of the eyes
c) Disease of the bowels
d) Disease of the gums


7) Where would you find the letter F in a dressage or schooling arena?
a) Next to A
b) Next to C
c) Next to K
d) Next to M


9) Where does the breed Konik originate from?
a) Turkey
b) Hungary
c) Finland
d) Poland
2) Bonfire is the name of the wonderful dressage horse, but what breed is he?
a) Gellderlander
b) Westphalian
c) Hanovarian
d) Oldenburg


4) Which of the following is not poisonous to horses?
a) Horsetail
b) Hemlock
c) Sainfoin
d) Yew


6) How many molar teeth does a horse have (Including premolars)?
a) 24
b) 32
c) 28
d) 16


8) The skeleton of a horse has how many bones?
a) 105
b) 155
c) 255
d) 205


10) What should a healthy horses temperature be?
a) 100
b) 100.5
c) 101
d) 101.5

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