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Horse Riding Problems

There are numerous riding problems. So many in fact that hundreds of books have been published to try and deal with each problem. If you have a riding problem firstly check all of the following.

Have your horses teeth checked

Get a saddle fitter to check the saddle fits properly.

Have the vet examine the horse to rule out any pain or discomfort in all regions.

Have the farrier attend regularly to keep feet in optimum condition.

Check the bridle fits properly and that the bit is not to harsh for the horse.

After checking all of the above try to observe if the horse still has the problem when he is either lunged or worked without a rider. There are several benefits of working the horse without a rider.

If problems are still occuring, don't face them by yourself riding is for fun, get yourself some help. Find a registered riding instructor preferably someone that comes recomended. It is always beneficial to have someone who can observe and guide you and your horse from the ground. Riding instructors are not just for beginners and novices they can help you at all different levels, the trick is finding the right instructor that you and your horse both trust and respect. A good instructor will get on your horse if you wish and show you how things should be done.

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