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Arthritis in Horses

Many Horses develop arthritis and it is quite a common condition. Depending on the severity a horse could be extremely stiff or completely sound. Arthritis in general terms is a condition of the joints or joint where inflammation is taking place. The inflammation increases the amount of fluid within the joint and usually causes visible swelling in that area. This then causes the horse pain when the joint is flexed.

If you are worried your horse has arthritis then you should ask your vet to examine him or her, to determine a correct diagnosis and correct treatment. However in many cases further tests will need to be carried out to determine whether or not the horse has arthritis. Such as nerve blocks, radiograpy (xray examinations)  and laboratory testing of synovial fluid and/or nuclear scanning.


It is also important to note that a horse can have arthritic changes that are visible by xray and the horse can still be completely sound and able to compete successfully.

Veterinary treatment include anti-inflammatory drugs such as phenylbutazone. In some cases it may be beneficial to inject medication straight into the joint itself.

There are also many many alternative remedies to try that you can obtain over the counter such as Glucosamine based products and MSM products many of these type of products have been reported by various horse owners to have been helpful for their horses with this condition. It is however a case of trial and error what works for some horses may not work for another.

Gentle exercise and keeping the horse generally mobile will also help in this condition too.

Many people have also found Bioflow magnetic products to help there horse with arthritis. The Bioflow magnets are the only magnets that have actually been researched by the Arthritis Research Campaign and tested for their effectiveness. Bioflow is also registered as a class 1 medical device so beware when buying or trying cheaper alternatives.



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